Our Story

Welcome to the captivating world of The Pest Interceptors - a renowned pest control team with an impressive array of accomplishments. Our expertise has earned us the distinction of being television accredited pest control experts, having made appearances on esteemed national TV channels such as ITV, BBC 2, and the highly-regarded Channel 5 program 'Filthy Britain S.O.S.' We have also been featured extensively in both national and local newspaper editorials, solidifying our reputation as the go-to professionals in our field. 

But our impact doesn't stop there. The Pest Interceptors have emerged as trailblazers in the realm of social media, diligently educating and engaging with our growing community. With over 11,000 devoted followers on Facebook, we invite you to join them to stay well-informed and entertained. Witness our remarkable endeavours, from saving bees to deftly handling an array of peculiar pests. The exceptional size of our online community stands as a testament to our merit - 11,000 followers can't be wrong!

Our YouTube channel continues to soar to new heights, boasting an impressive viewership of over 50 million and a subscriber count surpassing 50,000. Through our fun and informative videos, we strive to clarify why we excel at exterminating pests that others, quite simply, cannot. Delve into the world of The Pest Interceptors and marvel at the lengths we go to to save colonies of honey bees and bumblebees. Perhaps our subscribers are enticed by the thrill of watching us endure the occasional sting? Additionally, our channel offers valuable insights into our trade secrets and techniques, potentially useful to those seeking expertise in the field. Experience our channel firsthand and become an avid subscriber today. You will also see how we use the products we sell on this store. We do not sell products we don't use! We know what pest control products work, trust our recommendations, we want you to live a pest free life.

To further engage with our global audience, we have embarked on a regular radio show on our local community radio station, Black Country Xtra. In this unique venture, we address pest-related questions posed by the public from around the world. If you have a burning query, don't hesitate to email us at help@pestinterceptors.co.uk, and your question may be answered in a future episode on air.

The Pest Interceptors are more than just pest control experts - we are a dedicated team committed to assisting others in their quest for a pest free environment. Join us on our exciting journey as we continue to make significant strides in the industry and above all else, trust our advice, we do pest control correctly every day and we only supply pest control products that we know work because we use them ourselves.