Collection: Mole Traps - Professional mole traps available to you!

We ONLY sell products that we use as PROFESSIONAL pest controllers! We never sell anything that we don't use on a daily basis at Pest Interceptors. There is a very good reason for this, and it is super important when it comes to mole traps! We take pride in what we do and always go the extra mile with the service we provide to our customers whether they are buying our services or, like you, buying our products. 

There is no room for scrimping when it comes to mole traps! If you buy cheap you shall end up catching your fingers more than the mole that you are trying to catch! Trust me, I've caught my fingers more times than i'd like to admit in my 15 plus years as a pest controller! 

Introducing our top-notch mole traps selection, aimed specifically for professional mole catchers and now available to amateurs like you. With our expertise and experience, we can confidently recommend purchasing multiple traps for optimum results in combating these pesky creatures. 

Just take a glance at our captivating YouTube videos, where we demonstrate our winning strategy by deploying a plethora of mole traps. This approach ensures swift and effective mole capture, putting an end to the havoc they wreak on your property.

For those rare instances where the mole proves to be quite the challenge, we suggest embracing a combination of trap types. By mixing and matching, you can minimize trap shyness in the mole, giving you the upper hand in your mission to eradicate these persistent pests.