6X Tunnel Mole Trap PRO USE - BARGAIN PACK OF 6

6X Tunnel Mole Trap PRO USE - BARGAIN PACK OF 6

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You want to clear your garden mole problem super quick? Fast acting Tunnel Mole Traps are the answer, they are super easy to use and deadly effective against any garden mole infestation! Setting and deploying these traps is quick and super efficient. You need these mole traps because you want to catch your moles as quickly as the Pest Interceptors do as pro mole catchers.

Also known as the 'Duffus' or 'Barrel' mole trap. A fantastic trap for catching those unwanted garden pests.

Double entry trap catches and humanely kills mole from either side as it passes through the tunnel.

Here is a video from our YouTube channel to show you just how simple these mole traps are to set and deploy:


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