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Consultation Video Call with Christan - 1 to 1 (For up to 1 Hour)

Consultation Video Call with Christan - 1 to 1 (For up to 1 Hour)

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Speak to the Expert. Do you need advice about a pest problem because you are finding that no one else can solve it? 

Dealing with a pest problem is stressful enough and you don’t want to be getting ‘Expert’ advice from people who aren’t actually experts or, even worse, perhaps they are giving false advice to earn more money out of you?! 

Before Christan takes on one of our industry smashing Rat Free Lifetime Guarantee’s he always does a video consultation call as a paid part of ‘The Process’. His in-depth knowledge and experience means that sometimes he can solve the allegedly unsolvable rat problem on the call with just advice! (If the call means that the team need to come out to solve the problem then we take the consultation call cost off the final cost of the Rat Free Lifetime Guarantee.) 

It's not just rats that he can advise on either! Mice, Squirrels, Moles, etc. and also insect pests are all well within his expertise. Ask and he shall answer!

Christan’s knowledge and experience can prove extremely valuable to you. Don’t forget that there is no incentive for Christan to give misleading information to try to sell you treatments and dreams, you just get the straight facts to your questions. 

Speak to Christan directly on video or phone call for up to one hour AND AS AN ADDED FREE BONUS - you get his private WhatsApp number to ask ongoing questions and you can even send photos and videos of the ongoing work. (1 month) 


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We guess the cost is all relevant - what is bad advice costing you in extra stress, wasted time, wasted costly pest control visits, drain surveys that don't give you answers....etc

The cost of the call also contains a 20% VAT tax. That's 20% straight to the government! Without the tax the cost is £175. 

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