2x Mouse traps - The Blue Bar Snap Back Trap from Pest Interceptors!

2x Mouse traps - The Blue Bar Snap Back Trap from Pest Interceptors!

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Get rid of mice FAST! You need this amazing mouse trap because YouTubes' Pest Interceptors use them! Have you got a mouse you just can't catch? Taking the bait but not setting off the trap? This is the trap you want because not all mouse traps are the same! Sensitivity and quality are everything when it comes to catching super sneaky House mice!

The Pest Interceptors were so sick of buying useless mouse traps that they made their own with super sensitivity being the number 1 priority.

These traps can be seen in use on the Pest Interceptors YouTube channel. You will see just how much better at catching mice the Pest Interceptors Blue Bar Snap Back Mouse Traps truly are, they leave other traps behind when it comes to catch rates! These are the traps we use as professional pest controllers these are the only snap back mouse traps that the Pest Interceptors use!

Designed specifically for mouse capture, these traps are the go to choice for professional pest controllers, ensuring efficient capture and protecting your home from unwelcome visitors.

You want to buy this because if you have hard to catch mice they are proven to be effective in all mouse infestations. 

TIP 1 - Mouse traps are always more effective and safe if used inside a bait station.

TIP 2 - Mice are "nibblers" and will visit many feeding points on a daily basis. The more traps you lay the more likely you will catch the mouse.

TIP 3 - It is rarely just one mouse. The Pest Interceptors always "more than enough" traps to cure a mouse infestation.

See these traps in action!

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