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2x Rat Traps - The Blue Bar Snap Back Rat Trap from Pest Interceptors!

2x Rat Traps - The Blue Bar Snap Back Rat Trap from Pest Interceptors!

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The Rat Trap you will want to buy because it's Super sensitive! Super effective! Super simple!

This cost effective and simple to use rat trap is a go to rat trap for the Pest Interceptors. The Pest Interceptors were so annoyed at spending good money on bad traps that they had their own range of traps made! 

Sensitivity is everything with this style of rat trap. So that is what the Pest Interceptors concentrated on with these traps, the Blue Bar Rat Traps are so responsive to vibration that we strongly suggest that the rat trap be put in the place you want it to be and then set it in/arm it situ. 

The traps also have 3 fixing points so they can be firmly screwed down into position and then set, lessening the chance of the trap going off whilst you set them. (screws not included)

The fixing points also mean that the Blue Bar Rat Trap can be easily and securely be attached to beams and rafters inside buildings so you can literally put them in the path of that pesky hard to catch rat!

This trap is specifically designed to trap rats. It can be reused for years and is easy to use, simply snap it back into place. If used outside It must be in a secure, tamper-proof box/bait station, away from children, cats, dogs and any other none target species.

Many have seen the effectiveness of the Blue Bar Rat Trap on the Pest Interceptors YouTube channel. 

Buy this trap because you want to be rat free fast!


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