2X 4 inch stainless steel none-return valve rat blocker

2X 4 inch stainless steel none-return valve rat blocker

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These are the Rat Blockers, Rat Flaps, Rat Valves you need because it's the only type the Pest Interceptors use! We only use these Rat Flaps! These one way Rat Valves mean that rats can leave your home, through a broken or badly fitted drainage pipe on their way to the sewer for their dinner, never to return again!  For use in drainage pipes to stop rats getting from the sewer via drainage into your home.

The Pest Interceptors ONLY use this type of Rat Flap! This is the Rat Flap you want because there are so many on the market that look similar but more 'advanced' or 'technical' and we have tried them all over the past 15 years of solving long term rat infestations! This is the only flap that we have found that works every time, we simply do not use any other design, we know what works, don't forget we are the only pest control company in the world that guarantees its rat work for life! So, you can believe that we know a thing or two about rat flaps. 

This heavy duty rat blocker is perfect for keeping unwanted pests out of your house that are escaping the sewer sewer system.

The stainless steel construction ensures a high quality and long lasting product that is built to last.

pack contents: 

2 X 4 Inch stainless steel flap

IMPORTANT - This is a non returnable/non refundable item as soon as it is taken out of its delivery packaging. This is because once used it is a health hazard to our staff and the staff of the couriers used. 


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