1x Black Cat rat Trap - Genuine

1x Black Cat rat Trap - Genuine

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Get rid of rats FAST! This is THE rat trap you want to buy because its the one YouTube Stars the Pest Interceptors trust to catch difficult to catch rats! Includes FREE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO!

Fast, efficient and the go to for hard to catch rats!

This unique style of rat trap has been a game changer for the Pest Interceptors. It is simply the go to trap for us when we come up against those hard to catch rats!

It is very important to use the genuine trap! There are many cheap copies on the market, the Pest Interceptors only use, and therefore sell, the genuine Black cat rat trap. Do not waste your money on cheap copies. Buy the genuine article and buy once.

This rat trap has a unique L shape design which means to a streetwise rat it looks very much different to all the other traps that it knows to avoid. The trap actually works in the opposite way to normal snap back traps, again, fooling that sneaky rat!

You have probably seen us use these in our Youtube videos so you'll know how good they are. It is an effective solution for your rat problem.

With a quick and easy set-up, you can deploy it and start using in minutes.

Simply, the rat trap you need because it is the one we trust to catch those troublesome rats!

Here is a video to show you how to use Black Cat Rat Traps:


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