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DRAIN DYE MULTI PACK (3 x sachets of different colour.)

DRAIN DYE MULTI PACK (3 x sachets of different colour.)

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Amazing new concept in Drain Dye for tracing drainage and sewer pipes. This comes in a handy 3 separate colour pack. Each sachet allows water to be dyed a specific colour without risk of spillages as the "tea bag on a string" does all the dirty work for you! When fitting Rat Flaps it is important to know what pipe goes where and if the pipe is a shared pipe or solely your responsibility. To determine the above you can add dye to yours and your neighbours waste water and see what water goes where. (This is easier to do with more than one colour of dye.)

When you have identified which pipe to fit the Rat Flap into please make sure you are using a Pest Interceptors flap as you do not want to fit something that doesn’t do the job intended.


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