MK 4 FENN TRAP - Rat & Squirrel trap (Genuine)

MK 4 FENN TRAP - Rat & Squirrel trap (Genuine)

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Mark 4 Fenn traps are a fantastic Rat and Squirrel stopping traps. You want this trap because they are a favourite with professional pest controllers and grounds keepers alike! They are a traditional sprung trap with a SUPER SENSITIVE treadle trigger mechanism.

All Fenn traps must be used in a correct manner. This means care should be taken to avoid trapping non-target species, so, they must be set inside a covered run or burrows or an artificial tunnel to stop non-target animals getting harmed. 

Here are two video links to help explain how to use the traps in the most efficient, effective and legal manner:


Under section 8 of the Pests Act 1954 (c. 68), it is an offence to use or knowingly permit the use of any spring trap, other than a trap that has been approved by order, for animals or in circumstances for which it is not approved.,which%20it%20is%20not%20approved.

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