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1x Saphire paste 25 (150 Gram Pouch)

1x Saphire paste 25 (150 Gram Pouch)

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YouTube stars, The Pest Interceptors, use this rat and mouse rodenticide (poison) to great effect when all other less toxic methods have tried and failed! This is the rat/mouse bait you want to buy because we know it works! For Rats & House mice. (NOT FOR USE ON FIELD MICE) 

The highly palatable SAPPHIRE PASTE 25 is formulated with the single-feed active ingredient Brodifacoum. This paste effectively eliminates rodents in just one feeding. With its powerful strength, SAPPHIRE PASTE 25 provides an excellent solution for controlling large rodent infestations when other baits may prove ineffective.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to use THE CORRECT AMOUNT of the product so that the population of rats or mice are exterminated in one go. The Pest Interceptors want you to understand how important it is to use enough of this product, because not using enough of the product can lead to resistance to rodenticides (poisons) in your population of rats or mice. The Pest Interceptors believe strongly in doing things correctly and therefore doing it once instead of you having to buy again and again! Do it right the first time and you are on the road to mouse and rat free life! We only sell what we use ourselves and we know what works. You will find how much is required on the label link below.

Here is some quick guidance (but read the label on the link below before you purchase this product because we want you to have success &...The label is the law!)

For Rats: 60 grams of product/bait per bait station, if more than one bait station is required they should be 5-10 metres apart. This product can be used inside buildings and outside buildings for rats. Always remember to use enough bait! You want to be rat free fast, right. 

For Mice: 10 grams of product/bait per bait station. When using more than one bait station the distance between bait stations should be 3-5 metres apart. The Pest Interceptors want to offer some free advice here...mice are 'nibblers' and will go to many feeding points in one day, nibbling a little here, there and everywhere. The more bait stations (feeding points) the faster you will gain control of your mouse infestation

TIP - Using Bait Stations not only protects non-target animals and the environment. The enclosed space inside the Bait Station feels safe and secure to the pest, this in turn gets the pest to eat more of the rodenticide! 

TIP - Bait Stations keep the bait dry and therefore more palatable to the pest and less likely to spoil because of dampness. 

TIP - It is always better to use a little more than not enough. If you leave two pests unaffected those two pests will soon become many more!

Please use Bait Stations where it is required as per the label. THE LABEL IS THE LAW. The label is in a link below and you can see it in the photos below. 

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